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The year 2020 will be a memorable one for almost all human being across the globe. It is due to the spread of pandemic Coronavirus that stopped not only the movement of many cities but also took lives from many. However, with the spread of the virus, the experts also started studying the structure of the virus and find the best possible options to treat and prevent infection. Many pharmaceutical companies started working on the vaccine for this disease, and now various vaccines are also prepared. However, there are some questions that trouble people who are curious.

The vaccine:

Various vaccines carry various elements, and some of them may not remain potent at an increased temperature. The vaccines have elements that make them useful once they enter the body, but it is much necessary that these elements have potent offer desired results. In the case of corona vaccine, one can find various types of vaccines based on different formulas and accordingly, the elements are used. Almost 8 to 10 pharmaceutical companies are there in the world, which have cleared all the clinical trials and stages to make the vaccine available for people with desired safety and effects. Each of these vaccines is prepared with different contents, and hence their requirements of storage and transportation also vary.

Storage of vaccine:

Usually, vaccines need to be stored at a low temperature to keep their potent intact. Many of the vaccines are stores at 5° to -5°, but in the case of corona vaccines, it is much different. It needs to be stored at a much lower temperature, such as -2° to -20°. This is challenging for vaccine making companies in terms of storage as well as transportation as the resources to maintain such temperature in the container where the vaccine storage is too difficult. It needs a chain of cold storage transportation, and most of the countries do not have such a facility. In some countries which have such facilities the resources are too limited and hence it is a big threat for administrations.

Is it safe for everyone to go for a vaccine?

As per the experts, the coronavirus vaccine is safe, and people need not worry about its side effects. In clinical trials, the data has revealed that most of the people who got vaccinated have developed mild side effects such as fatigue, nausea and fever, which got subside after a few days. The vaccine can develop the immune system to counter and pacify the coronavirus within the body protecting the same from any ill effects. However, in some cases, a few people with a complicated medical condition it is not advised to go for a specific vaccine and suggested different options. The ratio of such people is almost negligible. Hence, the coronavirus vaccines developed by various makers are believed as a safe option, and no one should be scared of getting vaccinated.

The vaccines for coronavirus offer different results as per their potent and hence while going for the same one needs to check with an expert about protection from virus and its side effects.

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