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According to Penn State researchers, having a plant-based diet may help in reducing the risk associated with heart disease. The diets that contain less amounts of sulfur amino acids can reduce the risk of many cardiovascular conditions. Common diets like meats, dairy, nuts, protein-rich foods like soy can help in this situation. This research has attracted the attention of many researchers across the globe now.

Excess sulfur amino acids can harm health

Researchers say that they have evidence to prove that excess intake of sulfur amino acids through various foods can lead to several chronic diseases. In most cases, it is associated with cardiovascular diseases. Restricting such diets can lead to longevity, and this is already proven in animals. The research also mentioned that Americans consume more than the required quantity of sulfur amino acids through their everyday diet, which can lead to health problems in the long run. To control this, the doctors suggest a number of actions in terms of change in diet.

A study done on 11000 participants

The study was conducted on 11000 participants, and it was found that those who consumed less quantity of sulfur amino acid foods showed a decreased risk for various cardiovascular conditions. The research was done based on the diet and blood biomarkers of all the participants. Researchers believe that such findings are reliable, and they can be considered on par with cholesterol readings to assess cardiovascular diseases.

Foods that contain high sulfur amino acids

Common foods that contain high levels of sulfur amino acids include meats and high protein foods. This is more often consumed by a vast majority of people in the United States. After considering the age and history of other health conditions like diabetes and hypertension, this diet calculation indicated higher amounts of sulfur amino acids than what is required for a healthy person.

Lower amounts of sulfur amino acids in plant-based foods

On the other hand, when the details of people who consume more plant-based foods like vegetables on a regular basis were observed, it was found that they had less amounts of sulfur amino acids. The same results were seen with the consumption of fruits and other vegan products.

Considering all these factors, researchers believe that using plant-based foods is a good alternative for many people who are at risk of developing cardiovascular conditions. Many people suffering from diabetes and hypertension should make a shift towards such plant-based foods to reduce the risk of heart problems in the future.

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