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Do you have a high fever, dry cough, body aches, and problems in breathing? Does this mean that you are COVID positive? Can you infect your family if you get treatment at home? Can you ever get fully recovered from this? The below article has the answer to all your common questions.

This world is in a pandemic, trying to recover from COVID-19. The virus can be mild for some but deadly for others. It varies according to the precautions being taken and the recoveries being recorded.

Early symptoms:

The early symptoms given by WHO for COVID-19 virus are dry cough, high fever, and heavy breathing commonly. A patient is rarely tested COVID positive without any visible symptoms. No visible symptom at all makes it mandatory for everyone to follow the safety protocols properly. Being COVID positive is not deadly, but believing that you will never get cured is!

Stay positive and stay away.

If you are tested positive, primarily distance yourself; secondarily, quarantine yourself in a room and make sure that you do not come in direct contact with anyone. Do not share your utensils, bedroom, washroom, towels, etc., as this may increase the risk of infection for others as well.


Contact your doctor if you detect any early symptoms. Treatment can be AT-HOME or AT-HOSPITAL according to your condition. For mild symptom treatment at home is possible with proper precautions. For severe conditions or other health-related problems, it is advised to get hospitalized for treatment.


Treatment at home is preferred more for early symptoms. 

  • REST: you have to ensure that your body gets proper rest. 
  • MONITOR: regularly monitor your health 
  • DIET: follow a healthy diet with a lot of fluids.
  • MASK: always cover your face with a mask
  • SANITATION: wash your hands at a regular interval of time.

The most important thing is to distance yourself from others; this would ensure their safety as well as your recovery.


Treatment at the hospital is less preferred, but it is better for the opt-in in case of severe health problems. Hospital treatment checks the reasons which can worsen your conditions. 

  • CHECKS: regular health checkups.
  • OXYGEN: oxygen level in the blood is monitored.
  • CT-SCAN: body scans for infection checking infection rate.

Extra oxygen and blood are also dripped if the condition worsens. And the patient is sent home if there are signs of recovery.

Quick signs:

  • No fever for three or more days.
  • Normal oxygen rate.
  • Better respiratory symptoms.

In the end, we are in this together. And we will get out of this together by following proper guidelines.

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