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2020 is really bringing out the worst in everyone. The worrisome disease spread by the deadly Coronavirus is really giving people a good amount of stress with no visible end. On top of that people got really shaken by the case of George Floyd which led to huge protests against the police department in America for racist attacks.

In short, the world is going through really bad times. People are seriously getting so much affected mentally on so many levels. Getting multiple anxiety attacks, being clinically depressed, and getting tired easily is becoming the new normal. This is a condition that is termed as ‘Crisis Fatigue.’

Crisis Fatigue – A Brief Description

Doctor Petros Levounis of Rutgers-New-Jersey-Medical-School says that crisis fatigue is something that does not get manifested in a person straight away. It is something to happen gradually. He said that there are a few phases people usually go through responding to a crisis. The very first stage is the heroic period.

The doctor said that during this phase people come together and get involved in the action to respond to a specific crisis. The second phase is called the honeymoon period or phase. During this stage, folks start to feel good as they were active in being a prominent part of the community.

After the honeymoon period, you arrive at the most disillusioned phase which is where you start to feel what is known as ‘Crisis fatigue.’ This phase lasts longer than ever like even many months.

What actually happens here? People start to feel lonely, tired, bad, disappointed, and so much negativity. The doctor said that this phase will remain until and unless you take the initiative to make yourself healed.

Reason Behind the Menacing Issue

Firdaus S Dhabhar, professor of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, on being asked about the reason behind crisis fatigue said that stress is people’s constant companion and it actually helps in protecting us at the time of crises or any challenging situation.

Nonetheless, if the stress continues to be dominant inside us for long, it can really harm us and finally lead to being the victim of crisis fatigue. The professor also said that people, investing more in previous phases, go through high adrenaline rush for a longer time and that is dangerous for the body.

Crisis Fatigue Traits

  • Hyperarousal state where people get easily triggered
  • Unbalanced emotional response
  • Not being enough responsive to a situation where one must be responsive enough
  • Zero anxiety instead of high anxiety
  • Irregular sleep timing

How to Shut Out Crisis Fatigue?

  • Be careful about the most important things: eating, sleeping, exercise, and sex
  • Remain social and stay connected with family and friends
  • Try not to get diverted from the normal and healthy routine you grew up following
  • Meditate as you can along with practicing yoga
  • Make yourself busy with tasks that you love to do maintaining safety

Now you know how you become a prey of Crisis Fatigue and how you can get out of it easily.

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