How To Use A Beauty Blender Lagos Nigeria

The BeautyBlender is that one thing in your makeup bag you MUST have! Most professional and YouTube Makeup artists can’t live without one on their kit. The number one question we get is if its worth the money. Yes, and that’s because it gives you an airbrushed look you cannot get with only your brushes. However, here are simple mistakes you should know before you get molds, tears or stains in your favorite beauty accessory.

  1. Don’t use the beautyblender sponge dry, It should be used wet as the damp surface helps blend your makeup streak free
  1. Your BeautyBlender sponge should not be thirsty. Keep a cup of water nearby to keep it moist while working on a client. Next year, BeautyBlender will be releasing a Reactivate spray to revive the makeup when wet.
  1. Clean it everyday! You can use the beauty blender cleanser on your sponge and keep it in the plastic container which doubles as a drying station
  1. Don’t scrub too hard! The BeautyBlender can tear if you have sharp nails or if you pull it too hard. Use a gentle squeezing motion while soaking wet and pour the cleanser on any soiled areas. You can roll the beautyblender between your palms
  1. For stubborn stains, mix the cleanser and water to soak it overnight. If the spot still won't lift, you can pretreat your tool with baby oil before cleansing. 
  1. Don’t store it in a plastic bag. EEeek I’ve been doing this one. Your beautyblender can develop mold instead use a breathable mesh bag.
  1. Lastly, replace your beauty blender every three months. The older it gets, the more likely it will rip.


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