What is your Skin Undertone?

Hey BR Dolls,

Let's Discuss Skin Tones and UnderTones.

Have you found yourself in a position where someone starts talking about skin’s undertones, and your are not sure what it means but you just nod along? you’re not alone.

Ever noticed how you look absolutely stunning and beautiful in one colour, it makes you skin glow and in almost the same shade of colour, it doesn't.. well this is because the former matched both your skin tone and under tone perfectly, and the latter doesn't - It’s confusing—skin tone is totally different from undertones and make a big difference when determining which makeup shades look best on you.

The difference between Under tones and Skin Tones.

Skin Tones - This is the colour you have on the surface of your skin or colour you describe yourself as having.

Under Tones - These are the colours underneath the surface of your skin

While your skin tone can change, the undertone never does

*Note* You can have the same skin color as someone, but a different undertone

Under tones are in 3 Different categories
Cool (pink, red or bluish undertones)
Warm (yellow or golden undertones)

Neutral (a mix of warm and cool undertones)

Interested in knowing which category you fall into? here are some trick that could help.

  1. Check Your Veins - This is a quick way to determine your undertone is to look at your wrists, more specifically, your veins under some natural light, Do your veins look slightly green? If so, you’re warm. If your veins have more of a blue tint or even a hint of purple, your undertones are cool. If you can’t quite decide and you feel like your veins are more of blue-green color, then you have neutral undertones.
  2. Jewelries - What metal jewelery do you prefer on your skin? Do you look more radiant, glowing in Gold or Silver or either? Typically, girls with cool undertones look better in silver and platinum metals, and warm-toned women look better in gold.
  3. White Fabric Test - Place a pure white piece of clothing and an off-white piece of clothing. Hold them up to your face one at a time. Do you look better in white? Your undertones are warm. If you look washed out in pure white and better in off-white, then your undertones are probably cool. Feel great in both colors? Your skin may have neutral undertones.
  4. Reaction to the Sun - when you are out in the sun do you tan easily and rarely burn? Most people who tan have warm undertones. If you burn easily and tan very minimally, you most likely have a cool undertone to your skin. If you’re still not entirely convinced of your warmness or coolness, you could have neutral undertones.
  5. The Compliment Test - If you’re still confused, take note of every compliment you receive about the color of your clothing, hair and of course makeup. If you keep getting compliments about a certain look, you’ll know you’re on the right track.


* Dark skin has more yellow and red undertones, with yellow on the lighter end and red-blue on the darker end. Very dark skin can have blue, red or olive undertones.

* Many fair-skinned women have warm undertones (Nicole Kidman is one of them!) and dark-skinned women have cool tones (supermodel Alek Wek is a cool tone)

 Ps - Peep the type of jewelry Alek Wek and Jessica Alba are wearing!

So my beautiful BR dolls, Does this give you an idea of what your undertone is? Try these tests and let me know in the comments!

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