Say What M.A.C? A Simpson Collection!


Yesterday, M.A.C Cosmetics announced via social media that they will be launching a new collection 

''To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the animated hit show "The Simpsons," MAC Cosmetics plans a limited-edition color collection dedicated to everyone's favorite blue-haired beehived beauty, Marge Simpson. No word yet on the product offerings yet, although the collection is said to be due in September.''

In honor of the collection, Elle Magazine found an old 1991 book, The Simpsons Uncensored Family Album. See, in the '90s, Marge almost entered a beauty tips contest for Housewife Weekly for the chance to win a makeover. In the book, she discloses that, ultimately, she didn't want her look to be viewed as a "before" in a "before and after."

Here are Marge Simpson's Beauty Tips

1. "To remove wrinkles, sleep with a yogurt facial treatment. Be sure to stir up fruit from the bottom!" 

2. "To make your eyes look bigger, curl lashes." 

3. "When in doubt about your hair, tease it!" 

4. "Always clench your teeth when you smile." 

5. "Gravity is beauty's enemy number one. Maintain buoyant thoughts."

6. "For younger looking skin, lie face down in a mud puddle." 

7. "Mix your base with orange food coloring for a more 'natural' look." 

8. "Keep your hair looking peppy with static electricity." LOL

9. "Instead of drying your hair with a blow dryer. use a cotton candy machine.


Marge's tips are fun but I'm actually kinda looking forward to this collection. I'm thinking yellow and cyan everything. Let us know what you think tweet us @beautyrevng or on Instagram @beautyrevintl 

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