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Plant-based high protein diet may lower the risk of heart disease

According to Penn State researchers, having a plant-based diet may help in reducing the risk associated with heart disease. The diets that contain less amounts of sulfur amino acids can reduce the risk of many cardiovascular conditions. Common diets like meats, dairy, nuts, protein-rich foods like soy can help in this situation. This research has attracted the attention of many researchers across the globe now.

Excess sulfur amino acids can harm health

Researchers say that they have evidence to prove that excess intake of sulfur amino acids through various foods can lead to several chronic diseases. In most cases, it is associated with cardiovascular diseases. Restricting such diets can lead to longevity, and this is already proven in animals. The research also mentioned that Americans consume more than the required quantity of sulfur amino acids through their everyday diet, which can lead to health problems in the long run. To control this, the doctors suggest a number of actions in terms of change in diet.

A study done on 11000 participants

The study was conducted on 11000 participants, and it was found that those who consumed less quantity of sulfur amino acid foods showed a decreased risk for various cardiovascular conditions. The research was done based on the diet and blood biomarkers of all the participants. Researchers believe that such findings are reliable, and they can be considered on par with cholesterol readings to assess cardiovascular diseases.

Foods that contain high sulfur amino acids

Common foods that contain high levels of sulfur amino acids include meats and high protein foods. This is more often consumed by a vast majority of people in the United States. After considering the age and history of other health conditions like diabetes and hypertension, this diet calculation indicated higher amounts of sulfur amino acids than what is required for a healthy person.

Lower amounts of sulfur amino acids in plant-based foods

On the other hand, when the details of people who consume more plant-based foods like vegetables on a regular basis were observed, it was found that they had less amounts of sulfur amino acids. The same results were seen with the consumption of fruits and other vegan products.

Considering all these factors, researchers believe that using plant-based foods is a good alternative for many people who are at risk of developing cardiovascular conditions. Many people suffering from diabetes and hypertension should make a shift towards such plant-based foods to reduce the risk of heart problems in the future.


Temporary erectile dysfunction: Treatments, Causes, and Diagnosis

Many people suffer from erectile dysfunction due to psychological factors. In such cases, the problem is usually temporary, and it will go away with proper treatment. You need to address the core issue that is causing this problem and provide suitable treatment. Your doctor can help you in this regard and provide complete relief from such problems.

If you suffer from this medical condition, the first step is to know that it is a medical condition like others and can be treated with the right medical assistance. If you visit an expert, he will guide you to have the right mental approach to this condition and medicines that can bring your erection to be normal. However, it is much needed to know the causes as well as a cure to overcome this situation. The guidance of an expert must be followed accurately to counter this situation.


In most cases, it is often observed that such temporary erectile dysfunction happens due to stress and anxiety. If some issue is bothering you too much, it is practically not possible for your brain to enjoy the sexual act. In that situation, it can restrict the flow of blood to the sexual organs and lead to ED. in other cases, the medication you are taking for some health conditions may cause ED, and it will usually subside on its own when you stop using such medication. If the problem persists, you can speak to your doctor and choose suitable alternatives for the medication.


Your doctor will help you in this regard, and they will conduct a detailed inquiry about your medical and sexual history in the recent past. It helps to reveal all the factors that lead to this situation. In this way, they can see if stress and other factors are affecting your sexual performance. Apart from that, they may also ask you to undergo blood tests to determine problems with testosterone and other hormones in the body. In this way, they can get to know the exact cause of this problem and choose a suitable method for treating this condition.


The treatments chosen for this condition depend on what is causing the issue in the first place. If the cause is stress or anxiety, you may have to take counseling, and your doctors will refer you to suitable specialists who can guide you in this regard. On the other hand, when the cause is other health conditions like diabetes or heart-related ailments, they will check if the medication used for such ailments causes the problem. Finally, they may even consider hormone replacement therapy when your testosterone levels are very low. You may be prescribed supplements to improve the testosterone hormones in the long run. Apart from all that, you should also focus on your overall health condition and strictly avoid alcohol and smoking when you suffer from ED. You can also include healthy fruits and vegetables in your diet that can boost your libido in a natural way to get relief from temporary erectile dysfunction.


Skincare tips during the COVID-19.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, skincare is an essential aspect that you have to follow daily. You have to keep your skin healthy. There are plenty of choices one can enrich the skin in unique natural as well as supplementary methods.

In this pandemic, you are using sanitizers frequently to keep coronavirus away from you.

You should eat healthy food and keep your skin moisturized. You can find many ways and tips to take care of your skin. Many of you are wearing a mask and using sanitizers to decrease the spread of coronavirus, but in this pandemic, you also have to take care of your skin.

Valuable skincare tips:–

Following are some essential tips for hand care –

  • Be gentle with your hands:

 In this pandemic, you have to keep your hands clean for decreasing the spread of coronavirus. You have to use cold or warm water to clean your hands. Hot water will damage your skin, and it does not work against germs.

  • Wear gloves:

When you are cleaning something with disinfectant liquid, then you have to wear gloves for protection of hands. The chemical present in disinfectant liquid may harsh your skin.

  • Keep your skin moisturized after washing them:

When you wash your hands, let them dry, and after that, immediately apply moisturizer to your skin. It will help you to protect your skin, and it also looks healthy when you apply moisturizer. Use suitable moisturizers, which will keep your skin healthy without damaging.

Following are some crucial tips for facial care –

  • Follow a regular skin routine:

 You have to moisturize your face daily before wearing a mask. In this pandemic, many health care workers or any other workers use this mask daily. By using a cover on the daily, it will harm your facial skin in many ways. You have to avoid all chemical moisturizers. In requirement for oily skin texture, you can go for the water-soluble moisturizer.

  • Treat acne:

When you use a mask regularly, then it will create many injustices or rashes or acne on your face. By using a mask daily, your skin will sweat in the mask area, and it will generate an acne problem. For this problem, you have to clean your face regularly with clear water and then moisturize your skin properly.

  • Use barriers and bandage:

Due to the usage of the mask daily, they will injure your face skin like the nose, cheeks, and chin. You can also have rashes on your face skin. For safety, you have to protect your injury by using bandages. A bandage will stop the infection spreading all over your face.

All these skin care tips are essential for this pandemic condition. You have to take care of your skin from any damage. You can also use professional skincare therapy, which will protect your skin and keep your skin moisturized. For healthy skin, you have to use chemical-free cosmetics. You have to try all these skincare tips.


How to Bounce Back-When Summer Isn’t, What It ‘Should’ Be

Crush that Summer stress anyway

Almost everyone waits for summer to crush their stress and relax. A time in the season when everyone’s dream to travel urges are high, and the social animal in them has woken up. But like 2020, there are few unavoidable circumstances we encounter where our summer plans don’t turn out as we pictured them. Even though summer is said to bring its stress due to atmosphere change and increased vulnerabilities, many things neutralize this stress, which we get to experience only in summer. But the unavoidable circumstances have caused a lot of weight already, so why waste the whole summer cribbing about it and miss the summer fun?

How to change the mindset and bounce back to flopped summer plans

Every problem comes with a question if we can do anything about it? It’s either a “yes” or “no.” When its yes, our inner self automatically starts finding the solution while when it’s no, we really can’t help it. The same goes for the flopped pictured summertime. But stop cribbing over something that’s not in our hands and decide to change what is in our hands.

Here are the top ways to make most out of the “shouldn’t be” summer circumstances

1) We cant change the circumstances but definitely can change the way we respond. Its time that we should change the perspective of looking at the flopped summer plans and do things that we thought all the year to do in our free time. We are helpless about the situation but not about how to make it interesting.

2) Explore the most hidden interests.
Its time to be creative and productive. Think of your hobbies and benefits that you did not give priority ever. Cook, watch, paint or sing and repeat. It’s an opportunity to explore your routine in many ways.

3) Learn new things which you couldn’t earlier due to “time” excuse. Remember, you always cribbed about not getting enough time to learn guitar? Its the correct time now to utilize these days in learning things you ever wanted to give a shot.
4) Accept that every summer “shouldn’t” go as planned. Every season comes with its adventures. Just consider this summer came to make you realize that let’s do something offbeat than every typical summer and change the flopped summer into creative summer.
5) Its time to live that daydream of lying in bed by shutting down the laptop in working hours. How many times have you thought of lying on bed and spoiling yourself by ditching the work hours?. A great opportunity to sit back, laid off, and forget the worries and relax.

So, don’t think much and bounce back to the failed summer plans and make it count.


Getting Stressed And Overwhelmed Can Be Symbols Of Crisis Fatigue

2020 is really bringing out the worst in everyone. The worrisome disease spread by the deadly Coronavirus is really giving people a good amount of stress with no visible end. On top of that people got really shaken by the case of George Floyd which led to huge protests against the police department in America for racist attacks.

In short, the world is going through really bad times. People are seriously getting so much affected mentally on so many levels. Getting multiple anxiety attacks, being clinically depressed, and getting tired easily is becoming the new normal. This is a condition that is termed as ‘Crisis Fatigue.’

Crisis Fatigue – A Brief Description

Doctor Petros Levounis of Rutgers-New-Jersey-Medical-School says that crisis fatigue is something that does not get manifested in a person straight away. It is something to happen gradually. He said that there are a few phases people usually go through responding to a crisis. The very first stage is the heroic period.

The doctor said that during this phase people come together and get involved in the action to respond to a specific crisis. The second phase is called the honeymoon period or phase. During this stage, folks start to feel good as they were active in being a prominent part of the community.

After the honeymoon period, you arrive at the most disillusioned phase which is where you start to feel what is known as ‘Crisis fatigue.’ This phase lasts longer than ever like even many months.

What actually happens here? People start to feel lonely, tired, bad, disappointed, and so much negativity. The doctor said that this phase will remain until and unless you take the initiative to make yourself healed.

Reason Behind the Menacing Issue

Firdaus S Dhabhar, professor of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, on being asked about the reason behind crisis fatigue said that stress is people’s constant companion and it actually helps in protecting us at the time of crises or any challenging situation.

Nonetheless, if the stress continues to be dominant inside us for long, it can really harm us and finally lead to being the victim of crisis fatigue. The professor also said that people, investing more in previous phases, go through high adrenaline rush for a longer time and that is dangerous for the body.

Crisis Fatigue Traits

  • Hyperarousal state where people get easily triggered
  • Unbalanced emotional response
  • Not being enough responsive to a situation where one must be responsive enough
  • Zero anxiety instead of high anxiety
  • Irregular sleep timing

How to Shut Out Crisis Fatigue?

  • Be careful about the most important things: eating, sleeping, exercise, and sex
  • Remain social and stay connected with family and friends
  • Try not to get diverted from the normal and healthy routine you grew up following
  • Meditate as you can along with practicing yoga
  • Make yourself busy with tasks that you love to do maintaining safety

Now you know how you become a prey of Crisis Fatigue and how you can get out of it easily.